The movie „Don’t Know – A Tribute to Zen Master Wu Bong“ is ready

Dear friends,

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve finished the film “Don’t Know – A Tribute to Zen Master Wu Bong”.

It’s been about a year since we started working on it. We first defined the dramaturgy based on the interview with Zen Master Wu Bong. Then we went through the huge amount of footage shot by Fabio related to Zen practice and decided how to use it. A further step has been to introduce another level of images, some evocative but mainly documentary shots, including the amazing family pictures which Adam Perl, Zen Master Wu Bong’s brother, shared with us. The last six months we spent on editing, trying out different solutions. We didn’t want to produce a strictly documentary movie, instead we tried to find a balance between different levels of communication that could result in a rich and inspiring experience. We’ve done our best and are very happy with the result: now it’s to the audience to judge.

There is one single issue still to be resolved. Music plays an important part throughout the film. We are very much thankful to Hayden Chisholm, whose work allowed us to have a high quality companion to all visual and spoken levels, helping us highlight passages and set the mood. We still have to address a copyright issue, for which we need two more weeks. At that point, around the first week of May, we will also be able to eventually honour our commitment to all supporter and send the promised perks.

What happens next? We believe we’ve been able to produce a movie that is able to speak to an audience not limited to those who have been close to Zen Master Wu Bong and are familiar with the Kwan Um School of Zen: the movie can touch the imagination and thoughts of a broader public, which we aim to reach through film festivals and possibly through tv stations. This the upcoming part of our work: promoting the film, which at some point might include proposing it on a digital platform. We already have list of tv contacts and festivals to work on. More on this to come in our next communication to you.

We would like to thank everybody who followed us and supported us in various ways throughout our journey. Should anyone have questions, please write to us: we’ll be very happy to respond.

Warm regards to all,
Fabio and Chiara

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