April update

Dear friends,

Here’s a little update on what we have been doing in the last month.

As programmed, the work on the film has started! All footage (15 hours of raw material) has been reviewed: this includes images of Zen Master Wu Bong’s interview and of contour documentation featuring Kwan Um School of Zen’s various practices, celebrations and community life as well as indoor and outdoor images around Zen Master’s Wu Bong’s life. Subsequently interesting fragments have been highlighted, cut and indexed.
We’re now working on the screenplay: the interview has been reassembled in order to have a single thread touching on and intertwining the various spheres the interview addresses (personal life, practice, philosophy…). The interview, which constitutes the basis of the film, is now ready. The other footage fragments have been ordered to match the interview: a very first version of the film is therefor almost ready, though a lot of further work will be needed to refine it.
Most probably the following step will be to define, and possibly shoot, a third level of images, that will have to be woven into the given texture. More on this soon!

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