Two days left, please support us!

300px-The_wheel_of_life,_Trongsa_dzongUntil now 45 people around the world are supporting us in realizing Don’t know – A Tribute to Zen Master Wu Bong and more than 10.000 € were collected.
We are very pleased and honored about this and feel the responsibility.

The project was born some years ago and become -unfortunately- even more important when Zen Master Wu Bong died last year in Paris.
The voice and the teachings of a humble, simple, sharp and enlightened person who went through the history of the dissemination of Buddhism in the Western Hemisphere – from South Korea, USA to Poland. A story and a subject, a movie with deep insights in the person, the wonder and the teachings of the Kwan Um School of Zen.

Help us, our campaign is running just two days more.

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