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One day left, last call and thanks to everybody!

330px-Gandhara_Buddha_(tnm)Dear friends, in the last two months we were posting small thoughts by Zen Master Wu Bong and also reported about the development of our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds in order to produce a  documentary movie about his person, his teachings and about the Kwan Um School of Zen. Today, in less then 18 hours from now, our campaign on Indiegogo will end (you have still the chance to help us!), so we would like to thank everybody who supported, liked or shared our project!  In the next months we will continue to update the process of making Don’t know – A Tribute to Zen Master Wu Bong on www.dontknowfilm.com and also on our facebook page, so stay tuned!

In the Dharma, Fabio and Chiara


zmwb icona massimeQuestion: A lot of terrible things happen in the world. Who is responsible? Is it God? Is it Buddha? Zen Master Wu Bong: You are.


Happiness and suffering

zmwb icona massimeZen Master Wu Bong: It is a very rare person who can learn equally well from happiness and suffering. For most of us, a good situation is a bad situation and a bad situation is a good situation.

True self

zmwb icona massimeZen Master Wu Bong: Zen means to attain our true self. To attain our true self means that truth can function in our life. To let truth function in our life is not to attach to life or death.


zmwb icona massimeQuestion: I have trouble deciding things. 
Zen Master Wu Bong: I have a secret technique which I’ve been teaching for several years now. Take a coin and throw it up in the air. By the time you catch it, you usually know what way you want it to come up. You don’t even have to look. Just do it!

People and Zen

zmwb icona massimeQuestion: It seems like, on the whole, good people practice Zen. 
Zen Master Wu Bong: Only bad people practice Zen. And the worst of the worst become Zen masters!


zmwb icona massimeZen Master Wu Bong: We talk often about compassion. Many of us want to become more compassionate, but we do not always understand what compassion is. Compassion is not some kind of a feeling. Compassion is not just feeling bad for someone or feeling pity for someone. Feeling bad for someone who is hungry will not fill that person’s stomach. Compassion means moment to moment, what do you do? When somebody is hungry, what can you do?


zmwb icona massimeZen Master Wu Bong: Then what is freedom? In one gulp swallow all oceans and rivers. That’s absolute freedom. That means you can be anything, but if you are attached to this freedom, then this freedom itself becomes your prison.