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Who am I? How much am I determined, how much is for me to decide? What is the meaning of life and death? The movie Don’t know questions fundamental issues through the experience and the inspiring teaching of Jakob Perl aka Zen Master Wu Bong. 


Zen Master Wu Bong (1950-2013) has been a leading personality of the Kwan Um School of Zen internationally. His sharp and enlightening words introduce us to Zen Buddhism by shaking certainties and showing the way to a good life, that is spiritually rich and worthy. 


Don’t know was co-financed by a crowdfunding campaign. More then 50 supporters helped us realize the movie. We, that is Fabio Dondero, Chiara Somajni, Christoph Kube and the wonderful saxophonist and composer Hayden Chisholm (crew), are very grateful to all of them.